Inner Knowing Decision Making

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You know those times when you see a person and instantly know that you know them, even though your mind can’t place them…

That knowing is not intellectual or emotional
But you are CERTAIN you know them

Have you ever wondered and asked yourself, “What part of me knows that?”

Or what about those times when you are walking out the door and suddenly you know for fact “I am forgetting something…”.…

Dream Work Holds Keys for a Successful Life


Mysterious, captivating and intriguing, dreams are otherworldly, elusive or discredited by many, but working with dreams is a learnable skill. The part I love about dreams is they are a playground for learning without real life consequences.…

Mole Hills Matter


One day I realized how priceless the small mishaps of my life were. Curiously, the ones that had the most positive impact were the ones most people would have blown off.

I had gone to a local store to pick up a kitchen appliance and was immediately greeted by a sales girl.…

Heavy Metal Toxicity – Why you need to know more – Where to get more information

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Wouldn’t it be a shame if your medical conditions were the result of heavy metal or other toxicity, and doctors were only treating the medical condition without ever considering, testing or treating the poisonous cause.…

The Healing Guidance of Cravings

cravings my body knows

One of the ways your body talks to you is with cravings. A craving is simply the body’s way of indicating an imbalance while simultaneously giving you the solution.

Are you using the wisdom of cravings or are the cravings using you?…

Same Word, Many Meanings

same word many meanings

We have loads of books, references and on-line resources that provide the in’s and out’s of any given word. These provide you with the meaning, use, synonyms, antonyms, grammar, examples of use, idioms, slang, expressions and more for each word.…

An Unusually Memorable Vision Quest

hidden backwood streams in Maine

I was at a week-long residential Shamanic training. The group was on the small side and we would be together amongst ourselves for the duration, 24/7. It was a fairly isolated natural setting, but the accommodations were comfortable.…

The Selenium Mercury Myth – Misleading Media

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My health had been failing for a few years before it was understood that I had excessive levels of mercury in my body (3x maximum in my blood and off the chart levels in my urine).…