What if your excess weight was your body’s solution to a problem? – Weight Loss No. 34

Does it seem like the more you effort to lose the weight, the more your body makes sure none is ever lost?

Why would your body NEED to keep the excess weight?

Lead Toxicity – Physiological Effects & Exposures

Small toxic exposures, and exposures in general, are often blown off as unimportant. But are they? The active chemical in Viagra proves that infinitesimal exposures have big results. Viagra was developed and believed to lower blood pressure and enlarge blood vessels, but during the human trials male test subjects who were involved in the research because of their high blood pressure reported its side effect.…

Methyl Donors: Natural Alternatives for Removing Heavy Metals and Toxicity

Heavy Metals have always been a part of nature and are necessary for the earth’s balance. Every form of life has evolved survival mechanisms to keep them in check, to sustain life as long as possible. Over the last hundred years humans have created mass redistribution of heavy metals.…

36 Simple Approaches to Support your Body (during health recovery, chelation and detoxification)

Health recovery is grueling non-stop hard labor for your body. It has to maintain as much function as possible while finding solutions, and then, it has to fix it.

When the body has to spend 100% of its energy and resources to maintain minimal function for the demands you place on it, it will not have the energy nor resources to find solutions, nor for healing.

Heavy Metal Chelators (BAL, DMSA, DMPS, EDTA, Penicillamine, Glutathione, Vitamin C)

For anyone who has heavy metal toxicity, the information I know about heavy metals is a gold mine. I have a different yet valuable perspective because my understanding and knowledge come from the patient perspective and all the challenges, obstacles and problems that patients encounter while seeking solutions for their health recovery.…

Heavy Metal Toxicity Basics & Where to Start

For anyone who has heavy metal toxicity and heavy metal related illness and disease, the information I know about heavy metals is a gold mine.

Just about any type of health problem or disease can be the result of heavy metal toxicity

The best and most accurate way to know if your body has heavy metal toxicity is with a Heavy Metals IV Challenge Test using 1500mg of Intravenous EDTA and a 500 mg oral dose of DMSA followed by a 6-24 hour urine collection.…

Heavy Metal Toxicity – Infertility, Miscarriage, Birth Defects

It would seem logical for medical professionals, health insurance and fertility clinics to determine if heavy metals and toxicity are the cause of infertility, miscarriage and premature death. Why? Because they also cause birth defects and serious delayed onset conditions after birth.…

When to Remove your Mercury Dental Fillings

The level of mercury vapor and mercury contaminated particles released while removing a mercury dental filling vastly exceed established safety limits and if tested would require that everyone be evacuated.…

Heavy Metal Toxicity – Why you need to know more – Where to get more information

Wouldn’t it be a shame if your medical conditions were the result of heavy metal or other toxicity, and doctors were only treating the medical condition without ever considering, testing or treating the poisonous cause.…

The Healing Guidance of Cravings

One of the ways your body talks to you is with cravings. A craving is simply the body’s way of indicating an imbalance while simultaneously giving you the solution.

Are you using the wisdom of cravings or are the cravings using you?…

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