This Simple Strategy May End Your Night Sweats

This Simple Strategy May End Your Night Sweats

There is nothing worse than waking up from a good sleep entirely drenched. Then, having to get up to change sleepwear and sometimes even linens. It may be once or several times in a single night, gives rise to mountains of unnecessary laundry and for some it creates sleep related disorders.

Night sweats are your body’s way of saying “I am not okay, please help”. If your body could fix the imbalance, I promise you it would have already done the repair. When your body starts sending symptoms, such as night sweats, it is because your body needs you to get involved.

The simple strategy I have to offer may be exactly what your body is hoping you discover

It was quite by accident that I uncovered this effective solution – it was a wonderful “side effect” from an attempt to solve a very different problem. It was a sort of blessing disguised as a mistake.

So what is the Simple Strategy?

You wrap up your midsection, from your upper pelvis to your lower ribs (just below your chest), each night before going to bed in your habitual sleepwear. There is nothing else to do.

This keeps blood flow at your body’s midsection while you sleep. Your sleep time is when your body does most of its maintenance and repair work. The warmth and blood flow to your midsection, during those many hours, allows your body to do the maintenance and repairs as needed.

Depending on your body function and conditions, you may benefit from keeping your midsection wrapped up and warm 24/7. There is no need to add heat, a wrapped up midsection, insulated and warm with just your body temperature is PERFECT.

The last person I offered this suggestion to said “Your suggestion is so crazy I might just try it!”. Maybe you will too? Should you decide to give it a “go” then commit to doing it each night for a couple of weeks. If this is what your body needs then you will notice a decrease in night sweats, or the night sweats will vanish straight away, but may return swiftly if you forget to wrap up your midsection.

Be sure to take a general inventory of your body before you try this and again after you have been doing it for a week or so. Notice what changes. Maybe you get up fewer times at night to urinate? Did pain in another area of your body subside? Is your digestive tract working better? Maybe you have more energy during the day? Do you need less sleep? Or something else may have changed.

This reduced my night sweats and eventually eliminated them entirely. I noticed early on that when I removed the wrap in the morning my midsection would go into shock from the sharp change in temperature, but relaxed when I put it back on. I decided to just keep it on 24/7 which I did for about 2-3 years. I am fairly certain this simple practice greatly contributed to my health recovery. Now many years later, I wrap it up each night before bed and keep it wrapped when it is very cold, during winter and when I am not feeling well.

You may already have something you can use starting tonight

Three very important tips

1. The material must be very thick and warm to act as an effective insulation device.
2. The wrap must stay flat when wrapped around the midsection. It must not fold or dig into your abdominal area which could lead to painful intestinal cramping or obstruction.
3. It needs to cover your whole midsection, from your pelvis area on up to your lower rib cage.

Here are some suggestions on what you could use along with some photos

Polar Fleece
A home made very thick high quality rigid polar fleece material that has a double panel with vertical stitching (the vertical stitching keeps the polar fleece more flat).

Neoprene waist trimmers have Velcro closures and truly are a one-size-fits-all. I like this option because the insulation factor of neoprene is much better than other options, comes in various thicknesses, and holds a flat quality without being uncomfortably rigid.

However, neoprene does not breathe so it is important to use a layer of pure 100% cotton, washed in Free & Clear without dryer sheets, between your skin and the neoprene to avoid skin irritations. Be sure to buy one whose width is enough to cover your pelvic to lower rib cage area and not just your waist.

There are also tube shape sweaters to choose from, but be sure to check the dimensions to make sure it will slip on over hips and shoulders to fit properly which is a lot trickier than it may sound.

I bought one that was a ‘one size fits all” (the black one in the photo). It was just wider than a $1. Even though I clearly said to myself “Who fits into this?!”, I tried it on thinking maybe it had some super hero stretch quality. Nope. I ended up with it cinched around my neck and opposing underarm in hysterical laughter at what I had just done. If it looks too small, it probably is.

Online search words include: waist warmer, tummy warmer, stomach warmer or waist trimmer

The important qualities to consider include:

  • Washability (only Free & Clear detergent and no dryer sheets)
  • Comfort: Is it soft? Itchy? Will it stay in place?
  • Proper fit, size and stretch
  • Invisibility under clothes if you need to wear it 24/7
  • Avoid anything made with materials that your system is allergic or intolerant to which could lead to unpleasant skin irritations and/or a negative systemic immune response. Remember that negative systemic immune responses may be silent and produce not a single outward sign that your body is struggling.

The goal is to reap the benefits of this strategy without adding any burdens. You may need to experiment, adapt and adjust this strategy based on how your body responds. Be sure all your laundry (clothes, linens, towels) are only washed in Free & Clear detergent without dryer sheets. That simple change in laundering habits is what eliminates night sweats for certain people.

When you find out what your body needs from you, AND you deliver – the symptoms will stop. The body gets what it needs and no longer needs to send distress messages in the form of body dysfunction. Other causes of night sweats include hormones, blood sugar imbalances, addictions, allergies, environmental exposures, endocrinology, lymphatics and more.

If wrapping your midsection does not resolve your night sweats then keep looking. Leave no stone unturned. There are always more strategies you haven’t tried than those you have.

Should you be looking for an effective ally, I am an incredible brainstormer with a lot of knowledge, experience and wisdom on multiple levels to get you from here to healing much faster.



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