About Krista

Who am I?      

Krista Umgelter Palms 2That is a good  simple question, but a loaded one too. If I had to answer that question it would go a bit like this…

I live a few blocks from the beach and outside my windows is a natural wetlands conservancy with some of the most breathtaking wildlife birds I have ever seen. Every day I go to one or both for the peacefulness I get from being there. Vast open quiet spaces do the same trick for me, but the beach and the natural wetlands conservancy  are right outside my door.

A great amount of my time is spent in the kitchen exploring new foods and cooking. I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Pancolitis and Celiac along with many other conditions that are independent and also related to these. My food choices are an important element in helping my body do the best it can to manage all the problems. Taking care of my body is a full time job. In addition to the food aspect I have regular IV chelation to remove the heavy metals, hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments, home oxygen, magnets and many other modalities that I use to keep my body working as best and peacefully as possible. Daily physical activity is a big part of taking care of my body and it has the benefit of keeping me clearheaded with a calm heart. Each day I take a long walk, gentle hike or a bike ride and its important for me to do my twice weekly pilates classes.

On my desk is a stack of “to read” books with some 20-30 paper hardcopies. It may be old fashioned, but I very much prefer a real book rather than a digital version. Even though I read daily, my interests expand, book purchases continue and that while the books in the stack change it never seems to get much smaller.

I am regularly involved in trainings, classes and other groups for “fun”, purposeful learning and for the training they offer. Whatever the topic I go with the desire to have my comfort zones challenged and to have me looking and able to grasp more.

bear-and-roo-on-chair-sept-2016Over the years I have had many four legged fuzzy friends in my life. Each one of my animals has taught me more about who I am, life, happiness and loss in ways that few else compares. Please meet Little Bear and Roo.

In order to give you a better picture of who I am we have to take a trip back to the past. Sharing just a tidbit of my history will give you an idea of the events that carved out the path I have been on.

In 1992 (when I was 21), I moved to Paris. I had finished my Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing with a minor in Real Estate and the job market at the time was very depressed. Instead of fight an uphill battle I decided to move to France to study French at the Alliance Francaise while working both as a nanny and in a restaurant on weekends. Not speaking a word of French made the stakes a bit high, but the rewards were too. I remained primarily on French territory from the age of 21 till 34. My first year and a half were in Paris studying and working. With a strange sequence of events, I was offered a contract to work for Club Med Martinique at Buccaneers Creek for a year. Once my contract completed I returned to the USA and worked in Chicago for a year. Unexpectedly I found myself returning to live in France on the Mediterranean near Nice where I taught English and eventually found work with a small international marketing agency where I remained for many years. Most all of my formative years (from 21 to 34+) I was in France, speaking French and embedded in French Culture. Those years hugely influenced who I am as well as how I understand and see the world. I feel blessed to have had these incredible opportunities. While I am still bilingual French/English, it is best that writing in French be left to someone else.

In 2003 my health took an elegant swan dive straight into major organ system disrepair for reasons that eluded the mass majority of healthcare professionals for more than 3 years. My body simply was not functioning in any of the basic ways that were essential. Unable to find out what was causing the ongoing crisis, I began to feel more and more trapped in a body that didn’t work. As time passed my emotional states and thoughts began to suffer more deeply as a result of the confusion, isolation and inability to find out what was wrong.

Eventually, in 2006, I found a doctor who instantly knew I had mercury poisoning. I thought it was somewhat a crazy idea, but none of the professionals in more than 3 years had thought of it. He ran blood and urine tests and sure enough he was right. I had more than three times max levels in my blood, more than 8x max levels in my urine using IV sodium EDTA and another doctors testing with IV DMPS revealed my body was excreting more than 22x max levels in my urine. It was terrifying to get the results, but at the same time it was a huge relief. I had been told for years by professionals who couldn’t find anything wrong with me that these symptoms were psychosomatic. In essence they thought I was crazy. When I finally got the answer to what was killing me it was amazing that no one knew. How was something so widely known to be toxic and deadly, not on the radar of every professionally educated and trained medical professional?

IV treatments with DMPS lasted about 2 years to remove the excessively high levels of mercury. A few months after I thought I was free and clear, testing would reveal that my body was harboring a vast amount of lead and cadmium. My better guess is the lead was being stored in my bones from my childhood bone development years. Each day the ocean winds would blow the Los Angeles fuel exhaust inland. With 2.2g of lead per gallon during those years, that was a lot of toxic air pollution which was entering my blood stream from my lungs. You might be a bit confused so let me explain. Lead and calcium are structurally identical and the body can use lead as a bone building block. What is curious is that I began having a lot of health problems when I was 15 years old – the same exact year that my body’s bones stopped growing. While I will never know for sure, all the pieces fit together and make this a very plausible explanation.

All the heavy metal problems enabled me to experience first hand how the different metals influenced my body. In the beginning my body was purging the mercury and during that time I was emotional, hypersensitive and it dramatically altered my ability to sleep because each night was filled with nightmares and night terrors. Once the mercury was gone these unpleasant emotional and mental features subsided and vanished.  It is probably safe to assume the mad hatter didn’t get his name by accident. Back in the day hatters used mercury to create and stabilize, shape and form the felt that was used for hats. In essence the mad hatter was crazy because he had mercury poisoning.

Once the mercury was gone I was soon managing a high lead and cadmium toxic body. It wasn’t until years later when the lead and cadmium levels decreased and stabilized at below “red zone” levels that I realized the angry, more aggressive and edgy thoughts and emotions I had to suppress inside of me were not actually me! They were very much related to the high levels of lead. I always know when I need to increase the frequency of my IV chelation treatments because my auto-immune system diseases become impossible to manage and the unpleasant angry, aggressive edgy thoughts and feelings return. I am lucky to know that more frequent IV chelation will return my body, mind and heart back to greater balance and ease.

Over the years I completed studies in nutrition, master herbalist, holistic health and became a certified hydro colon therapist. The more I learned the more I was curious to understand the different feedback loop systems between body, mind, heart, spirit, environment, social and ancestral lines. Each was influencing and being influenced by one another. I went on to complete studies and training in Hypnotherapy, Interactive Guided Imagery with Dr David Bressler and Dr Marty Rossman,  Shamanic studies with Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanism, Family Constellations, art therapy, body focusing, divination, spirituality, night time dreams and more.

Krista Umgelter sepiaI continue to question, study and ponder, not only for my own well-being, but because I know that these tools offer greater sense of self and direction for others. I am good at what I do and understand the obstacles and challenges of others because of all the problems I encountered as I found ways to manage all my conditions with more natural approaches which honored my body’s needs rather than override or hide them. If the first solution had worked I would not have needed to forge ahead and find out ALL the Why’s, How’s, What to do and When. I listen, interact, ask a lot of questions, guide, teach and involve my clients rather than dictate or preach. Your body is unique and needs unique care to meet its needs.

If you would like more information about the tools I use to help people, please visit my website at:



As you read my blog entries or listen to the podcast you will learn a lot more about me. My hope is that my sharing enables you to find your own path with greater peace, trust and well-being.