Methyl Donors: Natural Alternatives for Removing Heavy Metals and Toxicity

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Heavy Metals have always been a part of nature and are necessary for the earths balance. Every form of life has evolved survival mechanisms to keep them in check, to sustain life as long as possible.…

36 Simple Approaches to Support your Body (during health recovery, chelation and detoxification)


Health recovery is grueling non-stop hard labor for your body. It has to maintain as much function as possible while finding solutions, and then, it has to fix it.

When the body has to spend 100% of its energy and resources to maintain minimal function for the demands you place on it, it will not have the energy nor resources to find solutions, nor for healing.

Heavy Metal Toxicity – Why you need to know more – Where to get more information

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Wouldn’t it be a shame if your medical conditions were the result of heavy metal or other toxicity, and doctors were only treating the medical condition without ever considering, testing or treating the poisonous cause.…

Four Surprising Ways to Control, Manage or Remove Pain (while also encouraging full recovery and healing)

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Nothing stops time better than pain. It captures a person’s full undivided attention and is a powerful catalyst for all types of change.

Pain indicates a problem and is a cry for help.…

The Selenium Mercury Myth – Misleading Media

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My health had been failing for a few years before it was understood that I had excessive levels of mercury in my body (3x maximum in my blood and off the chart levels in my urine).…