Four Surprising Ways to Control, Manage or Remove Pain (while also encouraging full recovery and healing)

Four Surprising Ways to Control, Manage or Remove Pain (while also encouraging full recovery and healing)

Nothing stops time better than pain. It captures a person’s full undivided attention and is a powerful catalyst for all types of change.

Pain indicates a problem and is a cry for help. Think of a newborn baby. When babies need something they cry, scream or make a ruckus. Parents or caretakers move about guessing what the problem might be and delivering the goods. As soon as the baby’s needs at that moment are addressed he/she calms. If the baby continues to be upset then caretakers instinctively know they haven’t delivered what the baby is wanting at that moment. Body pain is similar to that newborn baby. When the body needs something it cries out in pain and when its needs are met the pain subsides.

Body pain, like that of a baby’s cry is calling out to be heard, noticed and cared for in a loving way.

Pain medications are wonderful, but they don’t come without their dark secrets such as addiction. The biggest secret is the one few people ever mention: pain medications relieve the pain but they contain no resources the body needs to repair the site of imbalance and injury such as enzymes (clean, repair and build), proteins (building blocks), carbs (energy), vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, blood flow, cellular balance and more. Pain medications remove the pain and allow a person to be relaxed (a very important role in healing), but they offer not one single material resource that the body needs to actually do the healing work.

Everything is important for proper healing (medical care, healthy whole foods, proper hydration, rest, lifestyle choices, avoiding irritants, supplements and more). While there are many multiple and variable ways to heal pain, below I share four surprising yet effective ways to control, manage or remove pain while also encouraging full recovery.

♥ Epsom Salts Baths and Soaks
♠ Castor Oil Packs (external) – with instructional video
♣ Therapeutic Magnets (with or without enzymes)
♦ Cellular Spin and Rhythm

If one or more of these peak your curiosity then keep reading. Follow your hunches which are usually filled with much guidance and wisdom.

Over the years these suggestions are often met with a lot of disbelief and even hostility. Repeatedly I am told.

  • If these are so effective than why didn’t the experts tell me about it?
  • I have spent thousands of dollars – why is something that costs $10 going to work?
  • My pain has been here for years, I live with it and it will never go away!
  • How is something I can safely do at home strong enough to heal my body?

Maybe these reflections are also the reasons why experts haven’t mentioned them (safe, effective, inexpensive and easy)? Or maybe experts make the false assumption that clients have exhausted all the inexpensive home methods without success and are now seeking the options that require professional assistance?

Different sites of pain respond to different methods. Follow your hunches and let your body guide you. My mom has problems with her ankle, knees and shoulder. The castor worked for her ankle, the magnets for her shoulder and the cellular spin & rhythm worked for her knees. Each method harmonizes different imbalances. While one method may be sufficient, there are times when a combination of several will be required. No matter what a person believes about a remedy, if it meets the body’s needs the body will respond in favorable ways.

Epsom Salt (Magnesium sulfate) Bath or Soak

Epsom salt is actually a mineral – magnesium sulfate (magnesium + sulfur + oxygen). It isn’t actually a “salt” as its name leads us to believe.

The skin is the largest body organ. Absorbing Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) through the skin into the blood stream often produces desired results.

The water should be comfortably warm for relaxation, but not so hot that the body shifts into perspiration mode in an effort to cool. Sweating is the body’s cooling system. A body in perspiration mode is “expelling” (think sauna). The goal of an Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) bath is to absorb, for this to happen the water must be warm enough, but not too hot. If you are moving legs and arms out of the bath water to get some cooling relief then the water is just too hot for any benefits of absorbing anything through the skin.

epsom saltsBaths and water create a weightlessness for the body and this entirely changes blood circulation and flow. This shift in blood flow is often critical, curative and allows healing. A bath will create a different result than a foot, hand or sitz soak. One may be more suitable than another. Test out the options and see which your body responds to best.

  • Soak time: 30-60 minutes
  • Use only pure food grade quality Epsom salts with nothing else added. Avoid scented and fragrance Epsom salts which are chemical fragrances. Use essential oils or natural herbs if the scent is desired. Various locations now sell good high quantity Epsom salts for very reasonable prices.
  • The quantity of Epsom salt needed depends on your specific body, needs and conditions

Optional Suggestions
Adding baking soda to the Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) bath/soak may boost desirable results.

Dry brushing” activates blood circulation to the skin while also increasing lymphatic drainage. Both of which increase the potential benefits of Epsom salt absorption. I “dry brush” everyday, but I do the technique on wet skin because it is more comfortable and easier for me to do it that way. I haven’t noticed a difference in results between dry or wet, so I do what is easier. Try things out and see what works best for your body.

Shower water filters to remove chlorine – Chlorine is a systemic irritant for some people’s bodies. Having an Epsom salt bath with water that has no chlorine may increase the benefits for your body. The filters are inexpensive and easy to install ($25 initial cost, $15 every 6 months for the filter replacement and a few minutes time to fit the unit on to standard shower piping).

There is a lot of controversy about Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) baths for diabetics. Some swear it is dangerous while others swear it is miraculous. Each diabetic knows their body, state of function and diabetes condition. Do your own research on the subject to determine how this could affect your specific body to determine if it is appropriate. Try a weaker concentration for your first few trials.

If your body is very sensitive, then start with a very weak concentration of Epsom salt to see how your body does. Pay careful attention to how your body was before, during and afterwards to determine its effects.

Double and cross check your conditions with Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate). Each medical condition is so unique and so too is your body. Read and research to determine and see the associated benefits and risks.

Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) is not the same thing as Magnesium oil which is magnesium chloride. One may work for you while the other does not. I am only addressing Epsom salts which is magnesium sulfate, but investigate magnesium oil if this peaks your curiosity.

My Experiences
When my body begins to give me the signs that I am headed towards a Crohn’s disease and ulcerative pancolitis crisis I immediately begin taking daily high concentration Epsom salt baths. Fairly quickly my body calms. I often have to do them daily (along with many other things that I know my body needs at those times) until the signs and symptoms of a crisis begin to fade. While I can’t prove it, I am fairly certain Epsom salt baths have kept me from being admitted to the hospital. Not just on one occasion, but so far they have consistently, along with everything else I do, been a key aspect to enabling me to ride out the looming storm. Epsom salt may or may not work for others with my conditions. I hesitated to share this information because it may or may not be the answer for someone else and it is important for each person to listen to and honor what their body is telling them. Know the difference between your body’s need for a lot of home care versus it needing hospital care.

Castor Oil Packs – Cloth soaked with castor oil which is applied to and left on the skin at the site of injury/pain

Castor oil packs have been used for hundreds of years because they work. Castor oil, also called Palma Christi, comes from the castor bean. Its history and various cultural uses are fascinating. Applied on the skin at the site of internal pain and injury, as a castor oil pack, the body makes use of its myriad powerful properties in “miraculous” ways. It increases blood circulation and removes body fluid flow stagnation. Think of stagnation is a murky pond. Imaging a clear flowing stream when the body flow is healthy. The castor packs increase blood flow to the area and it cleans is up. Thing of a garbage collection team coming through to clean up trash and debris for new glorious construction to take place.

castor beanMy focus is on external application, but I would like to mention that castor oil used internally (swallowed) is known for its ability to dislodge stubborn fecal impactions located in the cecum which is the first part of the large intestine in your lower right abdomen area and the ascending colon.

If you set out to really use castor oil do read the book by William A. McGarey M.D. or look into how Edgar Cayce used it. Almost all of Edgar Cayce’s books mention the use of the Palma Christi (castor oil).

What you need:

  • Organic castor oil – anything used for healing should be as pure and organic as possible
  • Flannel – Clean, no dye flannel that has been washed with safe free and clear laundry soap
  • Flannel size – big enough to fold over a few times for a given location
  • Food grade plastic (only food grade)
  • Some method of keeping the castor oil pack in place – velcro neoprene brace, waist trimmer, sock, sleeve or other (be creative)

Once the castor pack is prepared, it can be used over and over again. Simply store it in a ziplock baggy between uses and add additional castor oil to the flannel as needed. Castor oil is messy and it stains, so be attentive and make decisions accordingly.

Prepare the flannel and place the castor oil pack on the site of pain/injury (joint, muscle, ovarian cysts, gallbladder function or other abdominal region). Do not use castor packs on open wounds. It is okay to place castor oil over minor scratches. Place the castor pack where needed then position a much larger size piece of food grade plastic over it. I cut open gallon size food storage bags. Then, with whatever is most appropriate secure the castor and plastic in place with a neoprene brace, waist trimmer, sock, sleeve or something other creative solution. This set up allows the castor pack to stay in place at the site of injury/pain as long as needed while allowing you to move about and live life as usual.

Heat or No Heat?
It is believed the poisonous resin in the castor bean is activated by heat. The poisonous resin is what is believed to be its powerful mechanism. Many believe a heating pad is essential. I disagree that heat is necessary to achieve the best results from castor oil. Each body, injury and condition is different. Heat is not better. Hotter doesn’t mean faster healing or better healing. Hotter may in fact irritate or aggravate which will slow down and cause additional trauma for the body. Try without heat and see how your body responds. If desired, do a test with heat and see if there is a difference. The final decision should depend on what the body prefers and responds to. One area may do better with heat, while another area may do better without it.

I have found using some sort of neoprene or other wrap keeps the area insulated. This insulation elevates the body temperature just enough, but not too much while it maintains this exact and perfect temperature. The slightly elevated temperature remains constant without fluctuations. I believe this easier method creates best results for the body as it creates a very homogenous slightly elevated temperate environment.

As you try out the different options and variables your body will respond and let you know which is best for you.

How long?
There are also various ideas and “rules” for how long to keep the castor oil pack in place. I am very rule compliant typically, but have over the years come to only let my body dictate to me what it needs and let standardized rules simply be a foundational set point from which to navigate.

The typical belief is to never leave castor oil packs on the liver area for more than 45 minutes. At times when I was in a lot of pain I left it over my liver area for upwards of 15 hours – I always take it off as soon as my body says it has had enough. I am not worried or concerned about the castor oil pack being on too long because my body becomes very uncomfortable, edgy and itchy when it is time to take it off. It actually starts to affect my emotional peace and calm. If I don’t hear my body’s request right away it just speaks up louder until I do. I am happy to go to bed with castor oil packs in place too because my body will wake me up out of a deep coma state sleep when it needs to have the castor oil pack taken off. Every time I listen, honor and do what my body needs, it calms down instantly – just as a baby does when the baby’s needs are recognized and addressed.

The body will indicate when to put it on and when to take it off. All there is for me to do is to listen and follow directions. I encourage you to do the same.

My first experience with using a castor oil pack 24/7 for an injury came after a big fall off a ladder where I injured both knees, but the right knee was severely injured and extremely wobbly after the fall. Before going to the doctor I thought I would give the castor oil pack a go to see what would happen (without heat). I do not suggest following my example – listen to your body, go to the hospital if you need to. The standard instructions for injury were to keep the castor oil pack in place on the site of injury for 24/7 until it was fully healed. But after about 20 hours on my knee I was itching to get it off. I took it off and my knee felt better. It was surprising that the pain was gone. More surprising was a few hours later my knee began to hurt with the same injury pain from the fall. So, I put the castor oil pack back on, with curiosity I noticed the pain subside and my knee became comfortable. Again the castor oil pack stayed in place as long as my body didn’t object. Some many hours later I had that same edgy, unsettled uncomfortable feel so I took the castor oil pack off. Again that discomfort subsided and my knee felt better!

So it went for about 2-3 weeks 24/7. I was on no schedule, but the one my body was indicating at each moment. I put it on when my knee injury was in pain and the pain would subside. When the castor oil pack began to make me uncomfortable and edgy I would take it off. When the pain returned, I would put the castor oil pack back on. It was great because I didn’t even have to think about what I was doing, I just listened and followed my body’s instructions. I couldn’t “forget” because my body would remind me in ways that were undeniably attention grabbing. One day I took off the castor pack and I never had knee pain again, so I never put the castor pack back on. To this day not only is my knee better, but it is better today than it was before the accident. I realize this story sounds like a total sales scam, but I am not selling anything and have nothing to gain or lose if you do or don’t try out this idea.

Seasonal, geographic location, weather, moon cycles, solar activity and more are constantly influencing body function. The body is a mastermind for keeping balance as best possible and is always using its know-how and resources to compensate for all the internal and external variables that influence body function. You don’t need to know what, how, when, where because your body knows. All you have to do is pay attention to your body’s signs and signals. Listen, honor and respond in kind and the body will respond in kind as well.

I say this so much, but I don’t believe it can be said enough. Listen to your body. Allow your body to determine the rules. You live in your body 24/7 and are its expert.

Do not use castor oil packs on open wounds at the site of injury (a minor scratch is okay).

Castor oil stains. It is thick, sticky and messy to handle.

Use only food grade plastic. I mentioned this earlier but it merits being repeated. If you must use a trash bag over a bigger area (foot or other) than make sure the plastic has no chemicals, fragrances or other odor control substances in or on the plastic. It is important that no toxicity or pollutants enter your body. It is critical that no chemicals/toxicity/pollutants enter the body at the site of pain, injury and imbalance where healing and rebuilding need to take place.

Therapeutic Magnets

Magnets create energy fields. These fields when used close to the body increase blood flow while altering and increasing enzymatic processes. Enzymatic processes are necessary for breaking down injury, scar tissue or damage as well as being pivotally essential for rebuilding healthy tissue.

magnetMost all therapeutic magnet treatments make use of the north facing side of a magnet. The south side is also used but far less frequently and makes use of counter opposing theories to alter blood circulation and energy flowing through the body by decreasing in one area (south facing), while increasing in another (north). Using south facing is a more intricate mapping and understanding of the body. If magnets are new for you then start easy and simply with north facing magnets.

There are different types of therapeutic magnets. Those which are portable (small bars, pads, pillows or mattress pads) or those which make use of an electrical energy supply to increase the power of the magnetic field.

The quality and strength of a magnet varies from one company to another. Each person and each type of injury/pain will benefit from a different strength magnet. Headaches do not require the same strength magnet as would back pain. Magnets not only influence headaches, but stronger magnetic fields around the head have been proven to influence behavior, memory and brain function.

Magnets can erase hard drives, they also influence heart pace makers. Be aware of their power coupled with your body conditions. Cross and double check if necessary.

Every person’s body responds differently to magnets and different parts of the body will also respond in divergent ways to their field. While one person can only sleep well on a magnetic mattress pad someone different will be incapable of getting any sleep on the same magnetic pad. Different strengths of magnets create different results. Stronger is not better. Each method for healing will result in different variations for each person and each condition.

Your body will tell you if magnets are helping or not. Follow the guidance of your body as to how much, how strong as well as when, how or where to use them.

While I haven’t ever read this anywhere, I have come to understand that cells need a certain orientation and direction to function best. My belief is that cells need to be lined up and oriented in a specific way. To complicate this further I will go as far to say that the best cell orientation and direction for one person will NOT be the best orientation for greatest health for another. I feel magnetic fields realign the best cell orientation for proper function, healing and recovery.

magnet books

Magnet book recommendations

Magnet Therapy The pain cure alternative by Ron Laurence M.D., Paul Rosche and Judy Plowden

Biomagnetic and Herbal Therapy by Dr Michael Tierra

Enzyme Therapy with Magnets

Using enzymatic therapy concurrently with magnets can radically improve health recovery for certain people. Again this is one of my personally believed understandings based on years of study and experience.

Scar tissue is a source of pain for many. Why wouldn’t it be? Imagine that a scar is like a tangled snarled knot inside your body that restricts natural and needed flow. It is like a landslide in the middle of an important road. Enzymes taken on an empty stomach at regular intervals throughout the day help the body to break down and remove scar tissue. Removing scar tissue allows the body to rebuild healthy tissue that will enable proper flow in and around the body. The magnetic field tells all your body’s work crews where to go and keeps that work force concentrated at the site of injury.

If this idea sparks some curiosity or an “aha” then I encourage you to give it a good try. A good try for enzymatic treatment is 2-3 months. If your body experiences problems then by all means make adjustments (change the type of enzyme, quantity or take a break for 3-7 days). Enzymatic therapy may need to be stopped altogether. Listen, honor and respect what your body is indicating. High fibrolytic protease enzymes are most often used for enzymatic therapy, but serrapeptase is a miracle for many with damaged tissues, joints, lungs (emphysema) and for removing mucous build up.

I can’t say this enough – pay attention to your body. Enzyme therapy is miraculous for some. It may not help others and it could have undesirable effects for a few. About 17 years ago when I first tried enzyme therapy the results were absolutely excruciating excruciating abdominal pain. I believed int he treatment though and some 7 years later I tried it again and it worked. I am still using and benefiting from enzymatic therapy.

Be attentive to the types of enzymes and their source. Each and every variable will influence how the body uses and responds to it. Choose a high quality product with high fibrolytic units (“mg” levels are useless, units should be expressed in thousands such as 20,000 USP or 83,000 USP). Just because it is expensive doesn’t mean it is the best quality or the best option for your body. Spend some time doing research to find the best product for your needs and body.

My body performs miracles with protease, amylase and lipase, but serrapeptase (sourced from the gut of the silk worm), bromelain (pineapple) and papain (papaya) cause a host of undesirable effects. It is not only important, but it is essential for me to avoid these three types of enzymes. If you are sensitive or intolerant to pineapple you will likely be intolerant of bromelain (but test it to see for sure). The same is true of papaya because papain is papaya. I use what works for my body and avoid what irritates or doesn’t. I read labels very carefully. If the labels are unclear I call the manufacturer.

enzyme books

Enzyme book recommendations
Enzymes: The Fountain of Life by D.A. Lopez M.D., RM Williams M.D. and K Miehlke M.D.

Enzymes Enzyme Therapy How to jump start your way to lifelong good health by Dr. Anthony J Cichoke

Enzymes: The Key to Health by Howard F. Loomis D.C. (this book is more introductory).

Magnetic Water
Magnetizing your drinking water is as simple as placing a north facing magnet under or around a water pitcher or container. Magnetic water is believed to be a very powerful healing method.

My opinion on this is simple. If it works for your body then keep doing it.

My Experiences
How I stumbled on magnets is as random as is my whole life. It sort of snowballed while reading a book on electromagnetic fields. One paragraph seemingly unrelated to the general subject of the whole book mentioned how magnetic fields influenced enzyme processes. It was like I was struck by a bolt of insight when I read that.

I had pancreatic insufficiency. My pancreas wasn’t producing enough enzymes. It wasn’t clear if my body needed more than normal or if my pancreas was failing. I had a lot of questions. Would the magnets increase and enable normal enzyme processes? Would enzymatic therapy coupled with the magnets increase the amount of resources for healing and recovery? Would the magnets line up my cells correctly in a way that would increase proper function and cellular communication? If placing a magnet on a paperclip, tweezer or other metal object can line up the molecules so that it too becomes magnetic, then surely the magnet would orient the molecules and possibly my cells? I had heavy metal toxicity so maybe the heavy metals and minerals were causing the cells to be misaligned. I had no idea (and still don’t know), but I knew if I was wrong my body wouldn’t hesitate to scream at me for the error I had made.

I instantly bought books on magnets along with a weak cheap magnetic pillow pad to test out my idea. I looked a bit ridiculous with a pillow pad wrapped around my mid-section (much like the Michelin man). I learned earlier that it is best to try and experiment on a small scale just in case I am moving in the wrong direction. If my body responds with a “no” then at least it isn’t a violent explosive “no”. After a couple weeks I didn’t think the magnets were doing anything. I took it off. Within a couple hours the gripping pain in my abdominal area came screaming back. Had the magnets subsided the pain that much? I put the pillow magnet pad back on and the screaming pain subsided fairly quickly. “Okay, the magnets were working”. At that point I went straight on line and purchased a very strong therapeutic magnet that penetrated 7” of flesh. As soon as it arrived I positioned it on my tummy and secured it with a very thick Velcro waist trimmer. It stayed there 24/7. The stronger magnet worked even better. For about a year I wore it on my tummy 24/7. The improvement was so slow the only way I knew it was really working was because when I took it off my tummy instantly reverted to the gripping pain. When I put the magnets back on, everything calmed right away. The progress was slow and seemed laborious. With the passing of months, much like time lapse photography, I was able to seee how much the magnets had altered my GI tract function, digestion and transit time (the time it took for food to go from mouth to toilet). Instead of food going straight through my body it was slowing down and taking longer. I went from going to the bathroom upwards of 50x a day (yes I was counting, I had to follow every single detail of my body to find out what was and wasn’t working). Many months later I was only going to the bathroom about 20x a day. The abdominal pain was also not impairing my emotion and mental states.

Magnets slow digestion down. For someone with healthy digestion it would likely cause problems during or after meals. For my body it absolutely was crucial for me to have the magnets on during eating and after. It was essential to slowing down my digestion. The only time I took it off was to shower or take an Epsom salts bath. Even though I was sleeping on a therapeutic strength magnetic mattress pad I would sleep with the magnets on my tummy.

The only way to know if something is good for a particular person, body and condition is to try it. You can trust the body will tell you if you are headed in the right direction or not.

As I “played” with magnets I noticed how miraculous it was for the severe hunch back lymphatic swelling I frequently had in my low neck shoulder area. When it happened it would last for months at a time. It was near impossible for me to turn my head in either direction, but putting the magnet on it relieved the sharp pain fairly quickly and within a week the swelling would be gone. While a week may seem like a long time, it was extremely short compared to the months of agony I would go through when it happened. I know now that the faster I put the magnets on the better.

The stories and experiences of me and others using magnets is too lengthy for this blog.

My mom used magnets for her chronic shoulder pain, pain which became far worse after surgery than it was before. A year or two of the magnets on and off and now her shoulder is functional and comfortable. She made an interesting observation worth mentioning – she noticed that she had memory problems when the magnets were too close to her head when she slept. While some people need a magnetic pillow to fall asleep, others may have unpleasant effects from magnets too close to the head. The strength of the magnet will also be a determining factor. Shortly after she shared her observation I read some research conclusively proving that strong magnetic fields altered people’s behavior, choices and decision making processes.

Cellular Spin and Rhythmcellular spin

I have saved the best for last – adjusting cellular spin and rhythm with a wand in either a clockwise or counter clockwise motion will remove pain within 5-15 minutes.

It is the best because it has the quickest feedback time (5-15 minutes), is the most obscure and causes total mayhem for people’s ideas and beliefs about what is and isn’t possible. When a person has no relief from their pain in 5-15 minutes than I know their pain is sourced from something that is not related to cellular spin and rhythm.

There is little to no written information about this. The couple youtube videos I have seen make it look like a total scam. I know for fact it works. It doesn’t work for everyone nor every animal (yes I used this on my animals too), but it works on a great enough percentage of “chronic” conditions that it is worth investigating.

wand crystalWands may be made of a natural crystal, man-made crystal or they may be objects such as the “ionic wand” or “healing wand” which are filled with specific minerals and or crystals. Each wand needs to be moved in a circular fashion and each has a specific direction for success (clockwise or counter clockwise).

My personal theory and understanding is that the motion, movement and the use of the wand in circles realigns the synchronistic cellular spin while creating the needed rhythm. Particles spin, so does the earth, why would cells not be spinning? When the spin and rhythm are out of sync this disrupts the flow of communication and energy which is the cause of pain. I liken it to the heart cells which must all be beating in time with one another. The cells in the rest of the body may also have a synchronistic spin and rhythm too. The analogy I think of is an orchestra – every instrument is on the same page of their music notes in time with everyone else or they aren’t. One is magical and the other is disastrous.

I feel the wand magnifies the user’s own energy which funnels towards the site of imbalance in the sitters body. The circular motion realigns the proper cellular spin, direction and rhythm of cells. This new movement reestablishes a healthy pattern for spin and rhythm to allow the energy and communication to flow in harmonious ways. The new balanced environment is in sync and the pain subsides.

Even though there is no physical contact between the user and the sitter, often times the sitter actually feels something happening inside their body. It is such a surprising sensation that they actually say with great curiosity, confusion and wonderment “I can feel that”.

wand ionicWhen I use the wand on someone’s site of pain, it works in 5-15 minutes or it doesn’t. When it doesn’t work, it means the pain is caused by a different dynamic and it is time to try something else.

Don’t expect the same positive outcome in the same person for a different site of pain. It may work, but it may not. Each site of pain is the result of different dynamics. The wand worked miracles for my mom’s knees, but did nothing for her ankle or shoulder. As of yet, I have never reaped the magic of the wand in my own body, but maybe one day I will have a condition that the wand can do its magic on.

Not everyone has the right touch to produce positive outcomes for a sitter. I am not exactly sure why and have never noticed a pattern of why this is so. My health is poor yet I have excellent results using the wand on others, so it has nothing to do with good or bad body health. Try healing others with a wand and allow others to work on you to see if this is something of value for your body.

Fun experiment
The results of the wand were so surprising that I did a little experience. I had many identical glasses of the same filtered water. In one glass of water I wanded the water for about 5 minutes. Everyone tasted the unmarked glasses of water and made mental note which was different. Every single person clearly identified the glass of water that tasted different. I was so dumbfounded that it was so easy. When I tasted the waters I saw for myself that they did indeed taste very different. Even today it leaves curiously wondering and thinking how little we know about the world we live in.

I know others who wand their foods before eating them. That is something I haven’t experimented with, but maybe one day I will.

What to keep in your mind

I love learning information from “experts”, but I am aware of the shortcomings. Most experts give clear instructions of what to and what not to do without encouraging people to listen to and be guided by their body. Instructions are a great point from which to start, but from there the body’s responses should be the guide as to what will create the best outcomes. The body replies yes/no, more/less, put on/remove, do this/do that. Follow its lead.

Experts have a lot of information, but you are the expert of your body. You know everything about it and it is constantly talking only to you.

Remember too that whatever is circulating in the blood are the resources your body has to use. There is the old cliché expression “you are what you eat”. There is wisdom there. Imagine two houses which will be built with the same identical architectural plan. One site has cheap bad quality building materials. The other has beautiful high standard quality materials. Once they are built which one would you want to live in? Which one will last longer? Which one will have fewer problems? Your choices, exposures and intake are the building materials you give to your body. Make wise choices.

Healing often relies on resources as well as increasing and balancing blood flow to the specific area. Many people are aware of supplements which are providing greater levels of comfort and healing to their body. If this is your case, then by all means make sure that the supplement is at high concentrations when increasing blood flow to that area.

Be creative with natural solutions. Follow your hunches. Use common sense and combine strategies for best outcomes.

Be patient. The body may or may not respond as quickly as you want. Give the body a chance to make the changes and bring about healing.

Your body wants to heal. It needs your help. Work with it.

In closing…
Pain control is sometimes as simple as one action or inaction. Healing may require many aspects (allopathic/holistic/natural or traditional methods along with food choices, hydration, supplements, lifestyle change and many home care methods). “Patience is a virtue” in healing. I say this, but am aware that patience is a passive participation and often a very uncomfortable one to wait through.

My healing and pain management is a full-time job and lifestyle. The longer I do it, the easier it becomes. My own health recovery, which is still on-going, has required judging no stone while leaving no stone unturned. One of the hardest challenges I may have ever encountered in my life was learning to hear, listen, honor and trust my body. And at times it required that I thank experts for their offerings, but do differently than they advised simply because my body was telling me loudly and clearly “no”.

It was also important to respond in kind to my body and help it rather than curse what it wasn’t able to do. I am now my body’s most loving and loyal Sherpa. It calls often and I listen, hear and respond. I do what I know has worked in the past and if that doesn’t work I move forward towards my hunches and try new methods. When I test new ideas on my body, I wait for it to respond. When it gives me a thumbs down then I evaluate the details. Is it the whole method or just one aspect of it that is not quite right? At times my body isn’t giving me a clear response. If my hunch feels like I am on the right path I keep on keeping on until my body gives me a clear communication yes or no.

I am very careful not to categorize any method as “good” or “bad”. One person’s miracle method will be another person’s disaster. Each body is entirely unique and is constantly changing. Different conditions in different bodies will respond to different methods. My body is constantly changing, as is everyone else’s. A remedy that doesn’t work at one time for my body, may very well be the solution at another stage in the healing process or for a different injury.

Follow your hunches, judge no stone and leave no stone unturned. Listen, hear, consider and be grateful for others guidance, but understand them as opinions rather than decrees. Pay attention to how you are making decisions. Are you avoiding injection therapy because you fear the needles? Make decisions based on the therapy and how it influences body function rather than on your fear. Good and appropriate therapies can be adjusted for each person’s needs, concerns and desires.

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Should you be looking for an effective ally, then call me. I have a lot of  knowledge, experience and wisdom to get you from here to healing much faster.


              Krista Umgelter


PS Very Important (keep reading)

  • Do additional research – you are the only expert of your body – you live in your body 24/7
  • I use internet for leads, ideas, customer reviews and new information, but
    nothing replaces the value of book information which has an author’s name behind it
  • My reference library holds many books on each topic. I cross, double and triple check everything
  • Use common sense (do not use magnets near your heart if you have a pacemaker)
  • Get the big picture (see the good & bad) – few if anything is 100%
  • No professional nor expert knows everything
  • Listen to and trust your body – you are your body’s expert
  • Your body is constantly chatting with you – learn to listen
  • Each country and culture treats a same ailment differently, find out what others are doing
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