What if your excess weight was your body’s solution to a problem? – Weight Loss No. 34

What if your excess weight was your body’s solution to a problem? – Weight Loss No. 34

Does it seem like the more you effort to lose the weight, the more your body makes sure none is ever lost?

Why would your body NEED to keep the excess weight?

Your body may be using your excess weight as a safe harbor, to sequester toxicity it is unable to remove, to ensure optimal body function. The body makes decisions based on what is happening, its abilities and the resources available. Is your excess weight a symptom of an underlying problem?

The planet (plants, animals and humans) are now exposed to more toxicity
than at any other time in history

In the same way that 100 people will respond to a same life experience in 100 different ways, each person’s body responds to toxicity in its own unique way. Toxic exposures won’t cause a single hiccup for certain people, but will cause symptoms, disease or even death for others.

Are you among a small percentage of people
whose excess weight is keeping them “healthy”?

When the body doesn’t have the resources, nor the ability to remove toxicity, it must find a safe place to store it to get and keep it out of circulation.

Look at it from the body’s perspective, and let’s suppose the body has stored toxicity in excess weight. You start eating personally appropriate healthy foods and you are moving more. You are taking in less food fuel than your body needs which forces the body to switch gears by grabbing and converting excess weight for energy needs. The problem is, your body is getting the energy WITH a dose of toxicity – toxicity the body may or may not have the ability or resources to remove. The body is faced with a fork in the road if it cannot remove the toxicity. One option is the body takes the converted excess weight as fuel along with the toxicity. You lose weight, but the circulating toxicity may aggravate existing conditions or you could end up with new symptoms and a new health concern. The other option is your body decides the toxicity is too dangerous and instead chooses to develop a new strategy which prioritizes health and thwarts weight loss efforts. Your body may decrease metabolism to match food intake levels, increase fatigue to reduce energy needs or ramp up appetite. The body may even employ covert survival tactics by firing up hormones and body chemistry to trigger your uncontrollable food addictions.

Toxicity has three ways of entering your body:
Inhalation – Ingestion – Skin Exposure

Here are some indisputable examples of how substances enter the body. These are not suggestions, just indisputable examples.

Inhalation: smoking tobacco, snorting cocaine

Ingestion: drinking alcohol, eating a marijuana brownie

Skin exposure: A small nicotine or hormone patch. If a small nicotine or hormone patch administers substances to the entire body, then imagine how much your body is absorbing and “ingesting” through the whole surface area of all your skin.

The first place to start
Reduce and eliminate harmful exposures you have control over. This alone may be the only help your body needs to start shedding the excess weight.

If a small nicotine patch delivers a full body dose then how much chemical exposure are you getting from your laundry detergent and those dryer sheets? You dry off with your bath towel, sleep between the sheets, rest your head on a pillow case and are clothed from head to toe in clothes laden with chemicals and chemical fragrances. Free & Clear detergent and organic wool dryer balls are safe alternatives.

Removing your shoes at the entryway prevents a lot of outdoor exposures from being a part of your indoor environment. I predict that taking off shoes at the entry will be as commonplace in the future as is washing hands after using the toilet.

The genital area is highly vascularized. Are your feminine hygiene products safe? Cotton is one of the most highly sprayed crops so opt for organic cotton and/or menstrual cups.

Your hair is beautiful, but what are you inhaling at the hair salon? What hair products are on your scalp? Are your cosmetics safe? Are you inadvertently ingesting lead from your lipstick as you eat that healthy organic apple? Or is the lead lipstick melting and ingested as you drink your hot organic green tea? Skin Deep offers a free database for you to check the safety of all your personal care products.

While you don’t have control over public exposures,
…you do have control over personal ones

Simple ways to alleviate unnecessary harmful exposures include:
✧ Eat whole organic foods
✧ Opt for an inexpensive home water filtration system, often safer than bottled water and far less expensive
✧ Replace chemical cleaners with baking soda and vinegar
✧ Use natural air fresheners such as spices, essential oils and flowers rather than chemical options
✧ Change air filters on a regular basis
✧ Keep windows closed that are downwind of locations that spray herbicides and pesticides or that are inherently risky (golf courses, gardens, cemeteries, athletic fields, highways, airports, boat and shipping ports or racetracks).
✧ Integrate indoor plants that are naturally adept at improving air quality. Here are the best plants according to NASA’s clean air study, along with information about each plants air purifying specialty. Best of all, most all of them are low maintenance happy plants to have around your living space.

healthy plants revised


Eliminating exposures may not be enough. Your body may need you to become more proactive by including personally appropriate “helpers” which would be the second step. There are far too many “helpers” to choose from, so here is an article to get you started with 36 simple approaches to consider.

The more you do to facilitate your body’s daily workload…

the more your body will devote its energy and resources
to your weight loss efforts

In the event you have already eliminated exposures and included personally appropriate “helpers” then the third step would be to consider including a methyl donor (or two). The term “methyl donor” sounds a bit alarming, but you may already be taking them. Methyl donors are natural substances that give your body the resources to efficiently and safely remove toxicity from the body. Some examples include MSM, L-glutathione, n-acetyl cysteine (NAC), L-methionine, SAMe and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). I often wonder if these methyl donors are effective in treating auto-immune conditions, inflammation, pain, depression, for managing diabetes and other conditions because these substances are addressing a causative factor – toxicity. More and more people are taking methyl donors on a daily basis out of necessity. The right methyl donor for your body will give you results, not side effects. Here is a helpful article on methyl donors.

Toxicity changes body function, chemistry and hormones. If the three steps I just mentioned are already integrated in your daily lifestyle and a part of your working knowledge, then I encourage you to continue searching for the information your body is needing you to discover. I have a number of articles on heavy metal toxicity if you are looking for a place to start.

Patience is knowing it will happen, and giving it time to – unknown

An influential person in my younger years reminded me regularly that I was standing in the middle of an intersection at each moment, with multiple directions to choose from at any given time. I may not like the options I see, I may even hate them, but that I always have choices. The best direction for you will not be the best direction for anyone else, even if the intersections resemble one another. Use your compass. Not your friends. Not mine. Yours.

If something about the idea your excess weight is related to toxicity, but it is too overwhelming (and in truth it is overwhelming) then give me a call. I ask good questions and will streamline your time, energy and efforts in appropriate ways for your unique body and lifestyle.


             Krista Umgelter 

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