To Extreme Diet or Not? Part II – Weight Loss No. 33

To Extreme Diet or Not? Part II – Weight Loss No. 33

A personal trainer will train the biceps AND the triceps. When they work the quadriceps, they know it is vital to work the hamstrings too. Why? Because imbalanced training leads to injuries, and personal trainers know it. After building and strengthening, personal trainers never forget to stretch, because that counterbalancing element also protects and keeps the body safe.

Balanced physical training is to a structurally sound body
what a balanced all-inclusive varied diet is to a healthy functioning body

A healthy body forced to make due with an extreme or exclusionary diet, for no other reason than weight loss, will lead to problems. It isn’t a question of “if”, it is a question of “When will the cookie crumble?” and “What will be the resulting consequences?

Weight loss in respect of natural laws and your unique body
will improve health, AND well-being – not take it away during, nor later

Let’s turn this upside down to reveal an even bigger picture. A healthy body requires balanced training AND a balanced diet to maintain healthy function. But when a body is not functioning, it requires an imbalanced single-sided strategic approach to coax the body back to proper function. If you have ever been to a physical therapist for an injury you know that they work disproportionately, and it is the imbalanced strategic approach that mobilizes the body towards structural integrity and health recovery.

Bodily injury is an imbalance, as are illness and medical conditions. Extreme and exclusionary diets promote healing, health recovery and save lives when personalized to an individual’s unique medical conditions.

Personalized extreme diets are for medical conditions
…what physical therapy is to an injury
…what an antibiotic is to an infection
…what a cast is to a broken bone

Personalized extreme and exclusionary diets for medical conditions cooperate WITH Mother Nature to help her promote healing for health recovery. Employing an extreme diet in a healthy body is akin to taking medications for a medical condition you don’t have.

Your diet will be as unique as your fingerprintas it should be

Back in 1921, Dr. Conklin observed that water fasting, for 7-10 days, would eliminate chronic seizures very quickly, for certain individuals, for up to 2-3 years after. The water fasting put the body into a crisis state of starvation, which forced the body to find dramatically new ways to “survive”. The side effects of the body’s new survive and thrive strategy, during this starvation, eliminated the seizures.

That same year, 1921, an article was published on diabetic research findings revealing that high fat no glucose diets induced a metabolic state of starvation in the body. That information led to the idea that the water fasting benefits from the starvation body state could be obtained without caloric deprivation and the risks associated with starving the body. Especially starving a child’s body. The desire was to shift body function into starvation mode, to alter electrical circuits to short circuit the seizures, without depriving the digestive system of work, nor depriving the body of a source of fuel. They tried it. It worked. Not only did it work, but strict adherence to the extremely personalized high fat no glucose regime, for a period of 1-2 years, eradicated seizures permanently for those who initially responded favorably to this strategic approach. The extended extreme diet shut down the previous physiological response patterns as it developed new permanent ways to function. The 1-2 year extended time frame made the new way permanent, rather than temporary. It is almost as if the body “forgot” how it had worked before. I liken how the body responds to food to how people’s behaviors change. For example: the longer an addict (sugar, shopping, gaming, substance, food, violence, abuser/abusee) can stay “clean”, the more fixated the new ways of behaving and living become.

For more information on the true ketogenic diet (for MEDICAL health recovery), I recommend the book, Ketogenic Diets. It is phenomenal.

In the last 10 years, high fat low glucose (or no glucose), personalized medical regimes have resulted in better management and reversal of serious chronic, permanent and degenerative medical conditions (autoimmune diseases, memory loss, mental illness and more). Ketogenic Diets are powerful for medical conditions. It provides the helping assistance that Mother Nature needs to favor healing and health recovery.

The weight loss market is always on the look-out for ways to make a quick buck. They are focused on one thing, and one thing only – profit margins. The consequences their decisions may have on your body are not on their radar. UNLESS they can make more money by offering you a solution to fix the consequences. The medical ketogenic diet fell prey to multiple spin offs. Many people have jumped on the high fat diet without even understanding its medical origins. Few realize that it is putting their body into a metabolic state of starvation, not to mention the risks involved (digestive, arterial, nutrient, hormonal, body chemistry, organ function and more) with the high fat intake and the removal of whole grains.

If the ketogenic diet halts and permanently reverses serious life altering medical conditions, then what it is permanently changing in your FUNCTIONAL body for the purpose of weight loss? Don’t get me wrong, I ENDORSE the ketogenic diet, and all extreme exclusionary personalized regimes, when a person’s medical conditions are responding favorably. Excess weight is most often related to a complicated inner knot of food choices, lifestyle habits, behavioral responses, emotional associations, ideology, and environmental exposures,… that needs to be sorted out. A temporary 1-2 year high fat diet may be the quantum physiological shift needed for a few rare people seeking to lose weight, but the odds of that being you, are about as good as those for winning the lottery.

Would you agree to take medical prescriptions for a health condition you don’t have? Extreme exclusionary diets are medicine for medical conditions.

Extreme diets are powerful
They serve as a fire extinguisher for medical conditions

…Or they are the spark that lights an all destructive blaze
(in an otherwise previously functional body)

One size fits all extreme exclusionary diets are a gamble. By the time you realize you are gambling.. and by the time you see what you were gambling, you’ve lost.

A great many years ago I met a girl in her mid-20’s who was a hardcore raw vegan, at the time when raw vegan was just taking off as a trend. She had become raw vegan while tinkering with her diet to resolve health problems that doctors weren’t able to diagnose with a specific disorder. Fairly soon after becoming raw vegan her body transitioned, it began finding balance and returned to the healthy function she had previously known. Where upon she authored a raw vegan book, taught raw vegan classes and developed a strong raw vegan following which became her primary source of income. She sincerely believed from her heart, the world’s health problems would vanish if everyone ate a raw vegan diet. I met her a few years after becoming raw vegan while she was investigating options to heal new health concerns she was experiencing. She had seen a lot of natural holistic healthcare providers, but didn’t like the suggestions. All of whom advised she begin eating cooked foods again, as well as trying an egg, some yogurt, cheese or some animal derived meat.

Body dysfunction is an imbalance. When you experience symptoms it is because the body is incapable of finding a solution and needs your help. People get infuriated with health problems, but symptoms are your body’s only way to ask you for help. I promise you, if your body could fix the problem without bothering you it would. When the body is working right it is like a grandfather clock pendulum that swings back and forth in perfect rhythm – Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock. A symptom indicates the pendulum is jammed on one side TOCK TOCK TOCK. The pressure of your body wanting to get the pendulum back to Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock is the pressure that gives birth to the symptoms you furiously want to get rid of.

The raw vegan extreme diet provided her body what it needed to get out of TOCK TOCK TOCK, and back to its healthy Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock. A year passed, two and soon she was having new and unusual medical problems. Her extreme raw vegan diet had unblocked the jammed state of the pendulum in TOCK TOCK TOCK and got it back to center Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock…. But the longer she stayed raw vegan the more her pendulum swung to the other side. Soon it was stuck on the other side TICK TICK TICK, like a time bomb waiting to explode. The longer she conformed to the raw vegan diet, the more pressure it put on her body and its ability to maintain functional balance. As her body shifted from the imbalance of TOCK to TICK she ended up with a new imbalance with new and different problems.

Extreme exclusionary diets are like lifeboats. They get you to safety while the big boat is sinking. But lifeboats are designed to be a temporary solution, not a permanent new home. Once her body had returned to its healthy sustained rhythmic Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, was when she needed to begin to experiment with simple healthy cooked foods again. Baked squash. Roasted brussel sprouts. Cooked whole grains. Vegetable soup maybe. If she had made a poor choice for her body, her body WOULD have told her.

What was once THEE solution,
often becomes the source of a new problem

A lot of health problems vanish simply when a person eats a varied whole foods diet from Mother Nature’s Soil Kitchen. If my great grandparents wouldn’t recognize, nor eat the food on my plate, then I am making poor choices. Today I saw an article with a list of the fast foods that are unhealthy. Unless you are eating nature’s solution for fast foods (apple, orange, berries, kiwi or raw vegetables), then ALL fast food is a poor choice(!) It is faster to go into a grocery store than it is to wait in a drive thru!

A whole foods, personally tailored and varied diet
is royal fuel for the functional body

Choose personally appropriate foods. Eat foods that help your body. Avoid foods that irritate and create extra unnecessary work. And remember: Foods that help and hurt your unique body are the kiss of death for someone different. Become your own personal food mechanic for weight loss and “let food be thy medicine” as Hippocrates suggested. This approach will not only get you to permanent weight loss, but it will keep you healthy and safe.

        Krista Umgelter 

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