Coconut Maple Chips (only two ingredients, 3 if preferred)

Here is a Simple, Quick, Inexpensive AND Healthy Snack you are likely to LOVE. It is high fiber (5g per oz), Protein, Vitamins, Minerals and Electrolytes and offers a great dense source of Ketogenic Energy which is a far more stable and balanced way to get through the day.…

36 Simple Approaches to Support your Body (during health recovery, chelation and detoxification)

Health recovery is grueling non-stop hard labor for your body. It has to maintain as much function as possible while finding solutions, and then, it has to fix it.

When the body has to spend 100% of its energy and resources to maintain minimal function for the demands you place on it, it will not have the energy nor resources to find solutions, nor for healing.

Toasted Sesame Honey Crunch – A Two Ingredient Lover


The step by step instructions are at the bottom, AND I include a valuable trick worth knowing that isn’t in the video
1. White Sesame Seeds or Pumpkin Seeds – Organic if store and budget allow


Baked Apples – Delicious Simplicity

Enjoy the video where you will see for yourself how simple it is to make baked apples. A single ingredient recipe that you will love to love.


Recipe Notes

Oven – 350-450F
Temperature variations will vary the end results. I cook mine in the convection toaster oven at 400F for 60 minutes (sometimes I preheat for a few minutes sometimes I don’t).…

Heavy Metal Chelators (BAL, DMSA, DMPS, EDTA, Penicillamine, Glutathione, Vitamin C)

For anyone who has heavy metal toxicity, the information I know about heavy metals is a gold mine. I have a different yet valuable perspective because my understanding and knowledge come from the patient perspective and all the challenges, obstacles and problems that patients encounter while seeking solutions for their health recovery.…

Heavy Metal Toxicity Basics & Where to Start

For anyone who has heavy metal toxicity and heavy metal related illness and disease, the information I know about heavy metals is a gold mine.

Just about any type of health problem or disease can be the result of heavy metal toxicity

The best and most accurate way to know if your body has heavy metal toxicity is with a Heavy Metals IV Challenge Test using 1500mg of Intravenous EDTA and a 500 mg oral dose of DMSA followed by a 6-24 hour urine collection.…

Tips and Tricks for Increasing Your Dream Recall

You spend approximately 10 years of your life asleep for every 30 years of life. I need about 10 hours of sleep a night, which means I will spend more of my life sleeping and dreaming than the majority.…

Your Body has a Voice – Are you Listening?

I am really picky about where I get the fuel for my car because the first time I went to Chevron my car’s engine performance went from 250 miles to 300 miles with that full tank of fuel.…

Heavy Metal Toxicity – Infertility, Miscarriage, Birth Defects

It would seem logical for medical professionals, health insurance and fertility clinics to determine if heavy metals and toxicity are the cause of infertility, miscarriage and premature death. Why? Because they also cause birth defects and serious delayed onset conditions after birth.…

When to Remove your Mercury Dental Fillings

The level of mercury vapor and mercury contaminated particles released while removing a mercury dental filling vastly exceed established safety limits and if tested would require that everyone be evacuated.…

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