Coconut Maple Chips (only two ingredients, 3 if preferred)

Here is a Simple, Quick, Inexpensive AND Healthy Snack you are likely to LOVE. It is high fiber (5g per oz), Protein, Vitamins, Minerals and Electrolytes and offers a great dense source of Ketogenic Energy which is a far more stable and balanced way to get through the day.…

Toasted Sesame Honey Crunch – A Two Ingredient Lover


The step by step instructions are at the bottom, AND I include a valuable trick worth knowing that isn’t in the video
1. White Sesame Seeds or Pumpkin Seeds – Organic if store and budget allow


Baked Apples – Delicious Simplicity

Enjoy the video where you will see for yourself how simple it is to make baked apples. A single ingredient recipe that you will love to love.


Recipe Notes

Oven – 350-450F
Temperature variations will vary the end results. I cook mine in the convection toaster oven at 400F for 60 minutes (sometimes I preheat for a few minutes sometimes I don’t).…

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