What is THE “Secret” Diet for Weight Loss? – Weight Loss No. 8

What is THE “Secret” Diet for Weight Loss? – Weight Loss No. 8

Every year new books hit the shelves with the latest one-size-fits-all diet trend, purported to be YOUR miracle. One-size-fits-all diet approaches provide simplicity, instant direction and a plan of attack which get you mobilized quickly. The problem is they demand total conformity at the expense of your unique body and lifestyle requirements.

Don’t get into the passenger seat of an author’s car. You can adopt the approach for a quick start, but get into the driver’s seat of YOUR car. I want and need YOU in the driver’s seat of YOUR car. Your car works like NO other car. I am a driving instructor of sorts. You sit in the driver’s seat while I provide vital information so you know what to pay attention to. Then you decide which roads to take. You learn to drive YOUR car in YOUR life, which is as it should be.

I don’t have a one-size-fits-all “hand out” secret diet. I just have simple common sense guidelines you already know by human birthright.

Whole foods only, which means unaltered food from Mother Nature’s healthy soil kitchen and the animals living on it. Organic is best

Eliminate fast, processed, convenient and artificial foods

Drink water only. A gentle amount of homemade clean organic herbal tea or coffee is acceptable.

I do NOT ever accept a complaint that healthy fresh whole foods don’t taste good,
BECAUSE the World’s Best and Most Expensive Restaurants prepare and serve Fresh Whole Foods.

Choosing from Mother Nature’s Natural Soil Kitchen, is for some people the only transition that needs to happen for the excess weight to come off easily and naturally. Hyper irritating non-foods (fast, processed, convenient & artificial) keep the body overly taxed and busy trying to manage unnatural non-foods. Once irritating non-foods are replaced with healthy whole foods the body has the resources for healing and eliminating excess weight.

To put it another way, think for a moment about someone in your life (past or present) that drains the life out of you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Did you find one? That person does to you what fast, processed, convenient and artificial non-foods do to your body.

Now, have a think about the person you absolutely adore being around. You know, the loved one that has your back, whose love, support and acceptance bring you to unconditional relaxation. How you feel around that person is how your body feels when you eat healthy fresh whole organic foods.

I bet you never thought of it like that before

Bad Food does to your body what taxing people do to your well-being

Healthy Foods give to your body the same overflowing goodness
your loved one offers you

Be VERY careful not to measure the value of a weight loss strategy and approach by the weight loss alone. Look at everything: moods, mental function, energy levels, happiness, quality of sleep, your dreams (!), cravings, urine flow, elimination processes, hormonal cycles, sex drive or lack thereof and more. Put all the cards on the table rather than the body size card. Weight loss should dramatically improve the quality of your life in EVERY way.

As you make healthy food choices be sure to listen closely to how your body responds. Food is fuel for your body and it needs to be personally appropriate to you and your lifestyle. Your body is chatting with you all the time. I am sure you hear it scream, but do you hear its whispers? If you are curious to learn more about how your body is communicating then go to this link where you will find the article “Your body has a voice. Are you listening?”


The next three articles in this series will have you consider food in ways you have not previously heard. My goal is to always get you more solidly anchored in the driver’s seat of your OWN car and encouraging you to determine which roads are best for you.

If you are in a hurry and DIY approaches drive you nuts, then give me a call. I will work with you personally outside of this series or in tandem with it. You will get the desired results you are looking for and have fun in the process.



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