What Game Plan… the Turtle or the Hare? – Weight Loss No. 7

What Game Plan… the Turtle or the Hare? – Weight Loss No. 7

We are just a couple days into the New Year which makes it prime time to determine your weight loss action plan. Which will it be? The Turtle or a Hare (hare, as in rabbit)? Both have equal value, but each goes about the same quest differently. You want your energy, efforts and resources to stand the test of time, so set out to build the brick house like the 3rd little pig.

Previous unsuccessful weight loss experiences are blessings. Do NOT carry them as failures. Recognize prior attempts for the informational keys they offer. What worked? What happened? What created obstacles? What was horrible? Everything is information. Apply those blessings to develop your own personalized weight loss plan. Use what worked, eliminate what didn’t and integrate new creative solutions.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome – Einstein

Let’s look at the Turtle and Hare and see how each tackles the same objective. Pick the approach that realistically fits you and your lifestyle because that is what will make your weight loss permanent. Your weight loss game plan needs to be unique because you are a one-of-a-kind. Use social circles for encouragement to keep you on your path, don’t allow social circles to determine the path you carve for yourself.

The Hare

The Hare ricochets at a frenetic high speed, or it is as motionless as a rock. Its warm blood, flexible body and leaping style allow it to move FAST any time of the day. Quests are taken on with total fervor and from all angles at once, with spontaneous reactions rather than thought out decisions. When negatively distracted or as needed for successful outcomes it will change direction on a dime. The Hare’s sole objective is reaching the finish line while embracing a “faster is better” ideology. Being a “winner” is vital to the Hare and it measures success ONLY by the number on the scale.

My weight loss article series would NOT appeal to a Hare. In fact, a Hare would condescendingly laugh at and ridicule my articles as a waste of time. So if you are a hare, then get out of here and get on with your sprint towards the finish line.

The Turtle

The turtle’s body is mobile home, protection and solar powered, making it active only in the warm light and more introverted in the cold dark (you can ponder that metaphor if you like). As a result their time and energy are precious, they use it judiciously and methodically to make sure they get everything done. Its cumbersome shell and short but extremely strong legs hover at ground level, glide at a steady speed and have memorized every single detail about its environment. A turtle may or may not win the race, doesn’t care if it does, but they always finish. They stay on path and give NO credence to the opinions of the peanut gallery. If situations get tough the turtle always has the option of going inside its safe mobile home to regroup, adjust and come out better equipped for the task. The turtle works on one step at a time. When a turtle arrives at the finish line, even if it has long been formally removed, it will cross that line with everything it needs to stay out of THAT race forever.

If the turtle sounds like your best bet, then figure out what your first step will be… Turtles only tackle ONE thing at a time (below I have some ideas to get your mental juices brainstorming).

♥ Learn how to prepare healthy foods FAST and EASY
♥ What activity will get you moving more?
♥ Nutrition is one step but it might address both weight loss AND health conditions
♥ Clear out and get your home organized to make all your weight loss efforts a breeze
♥ Do your self-worth and confidence need a boost to fully embrace a new life?
♥ Start new healthy shopping habits at a new grocery store, leave the bad habits at the old one
♥ Swap one poor lifestyle choice for a healthy alternative, one at a time
♥ Bring healthy leftovers to work instead of eating out
♥ Cook larger than needed quantities of healthy foods so there is always healthy ready to eat food available.

Make sure the first step you choose is the one you are most excited about. If nothing about weight loss has you enthusiastic than start with the step that is small enough to manage, but big enough to make a weight loss pay out. Once you integrate the first step, then pick a second. Make it fun. Weight loss is only a prison sentence if you make it one. Adjust, change, adapt and make that step work for you personally even if it takes longer than you would have preferred. Work on ONE step at a time ONLY. Get that step right – there is no rush.


As surprising as it might seem the Hare and Turtle’s qualities may compliment one another for successful outcomes. I recently worked with someone who was back on the job market very unexpectedly. And as unjust as it may seem she knew the best jobs would be offered to the qualified professionals whose personal care and appearance was as good as their qualifications. With a house payment looming, no work and her children being young adults she had all the time and energy she needed to be a frenzied Hare in order to reach the finish line first. She did reach the finish line in a healthy but timely way. She then transitioned to the turtle’s style to assure the weight loss would remain permanent. Her inner turtle eased up on the exercise regime, organized her kitchen and food preparation habits and then made sure that alcohol, sugar, packaged convenience foods and fast food were eliminated definitively.

When the strategy you have chosen isn’t producing results than adjust

Don’t waste precious time and energy beating yourself up,
use what doesn’t work to discover what will !

Fine tune your personalized weight loss efforts as needed

 Know 1000 adjustments to find your rhythm is standard


Being on my mailing list will deliver an article when you may be losing steam to keep you on path. Share this article series with friends and loved ones whose heart’s yearning includes weight loss. The more of your tribe there is moving in the same direction as you, the more their forward movement encourages and supports yours.

If you are looking for personalized support then give me a call. Together we will navigate you to the finish line more quickly. I promise that you will have a good time working with me because I have a great sense of humor and that rubs off on all my clients.



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