Find Your Weak Link(s) – Weight Loss No. 29

Find Your Weak Link(s) – Weight Loss No. 29

Reaching your weight loss finish line for a permanent result with ease and comfort may hinge entirely on your finding the solution to a physical symptom you don’t believe is related to your weight loss success.

You, and your body, are only as strong as your weakest link
Anything effecting your physical body is effecting your weight loss

When it is put like that it is common sense, right? But it isn’t so common because you have probably never heard anyone tell you that your weak link(s) is directly related to your weight loss outcome. When all your links are strong your body is in flow. Weak links make weight loss as uncomfortable as drinking a glass of water while standing on your head.

So what are your weak links? Pain, skin problems, headaches, infections, anemia, blood sugar problems, digestive issues, sleep disorders, body odor or bad breath, bruising for no reason, fatigue, urinary tract disruptions, frequent illness, intolerances or allergies (be it ingested, dermal or inhaled), problems at the toilet, sensitivities, hair loss, body distortions like male breasts or masculine hair growth for women, atypical body secretions, irregular menstruation, impotence, auto-immune disease or something else. Changes in heart rate, pulse, blood pressure and blood sugar regulation can be indicators of a war the body is waging in your defense. My body’s alarm is when my ears start ringing. It starts with one ear, then both and the volume varies as does the pitch depending on the severity and duration of the ensuring battle.

Weight loss experts and clinics provide one-size-fits all recipes for weight loss and expect conformity. Then they judge your progress with regular weigh in’s while enforcing conformity to a singular protocol. But your body is unique.

What is more important? The number on the scale or how your body is working?

I want to know what your body is doing.
Did your 2 week long head pain coincide with zero weight loss?

I want to know what you have discredited as “insignificant”.
Was your urinary system working stupendously the month you were on that weight loss roll?

AND I also want to know what you have secretly swept under the rug to hide.
Are you too fatigued to exercise when you have a yeast or fungal infection?
Are you in pain during sexual intercourse?

All this information is important. How your body is and isn’t functioning is the only language your body has to communicate with you and it only sends distress signals when it needs your cooperation and help to fix it. A lot of people get angry at their body when it isn’t working, but there is no one on this planet that has done as much for you as your body.

“Everything is connected”
What seems insanely unrelated is often directly related!
Find out what weak links need
Follow your hunch and investigate

Weak links are like children, each with their own personality, unique requirements and they need to be taken care of. Give weak links what they need to be strong and your efforts will move faster and further.

First things first: What are your body’s weak links?
Second things second: What makes them weaker? What makes them stronger?

What your body is doing is not crazy
What is crazy is not honoring what you know to be true

Curiously you have knee problems when you have an ear infection.
The muscle pain in the calf vanished when you were using the stuffed animal as a pillow.
Your wristwatch turns your skin black the day you start your period.
When others are complaining about pollen allergies, your skin problems are in a huge flare.
You feel sluggish when you have more mucous in your throat.

I treat my body the way it needs to be treated
Not the way an expert’s opinion dictates

You have to be your own advocate, and here are some good ways to become a better one:
Get more information by searching medical databases at the library
Find out how other cultures approach and treat a same symptom and why. Low income countries and countries with social health care, where the government pays the medical bills, approach medical concerns ENTIRELY different than the “for profit” American healthcare model.
Test hunches and notice what happens. Most of the solutions I employ for my body came from simple observations of cause and effect.
By all means pay attention to the dreams you have at night! Your body doesn’t stop sending distress signals because you went to sleep, it just sends them via images, emotions, experiences and storylines. For many years I had recurring dreams about bathroom plumbing problems. Then one night the plumbing in my dream was WORKING! That dream let me know I was FINALLY on the right track in helping my urinary system and it was the last time I had that dream.
You are certain you are on the right track to fix a weak link, but when you test your hypothesis it doesn’t produce. Stay with the same idea, but let your hunches branch out more. Barberry tea, tincture, capsules, oil and Berberis homeopathy are as different for your body as is a diamond, emerald and ruby are for a jeweler. Not only is each variation different, but each is further altered when taken with food versus an empty stomach, morning versus evening, and ingested versus dermal versus inhaled. Experiment and play with variations of your idea.
Combine different pieces of information. If your emotions are all over the place and you know it is hormones. Then eliminate hormone containing foods and products and/or include hormone regulating herbs, supplements or creams.
Poke around in the hidden knowledge of friends and professionals. They won’t share unless you ask. Did you know some are finding total relief from chronic constipation with Botox injections?
Branch out from what you already know for fact about your body. For example: Allergies to ragweed may be the sign that you are also sensitive to its relatives (banana, cantaloupe, cucumber, melons, zucchini, artichoke, Echinacea, chamomile and hibiscus). If Epsom baths do wonders for your body then you may do well to supplement your body with magnesium and/or a sulfur/sulfate such as MSM, chondroitin or glucosamine.

Everything is information. Be sure to look for and see the good, bad AND the ugly. Nothing is one or another. Roses have thorns, and cactuses have flowers. When you see the big picture you will make more personally appropriate decisions for yourself.

Weight loss results multiply when weak links are strengthened and in flow with your efforts. Give me a call if you need help with your weak links or are having what Native Americans call “BIG Dreams” which are those dreams that grab you and don’t let go. I not only understand dreams, but I live in the realm of dreamtime. Your weak links are your little kids. They need your love, protection and caring to prosper, and when they prosper you excel.

Krista Umgelter

PS – My body doesn’t speak the same language as yours, nor anyone else’s. To better understand how your body is talking to you go to: “Your body has a Voice. Are you Listening?” 

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