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For those who prefer to listen rather than read, you may be happy to know that all the written work is available on podcast and iTunes (iTunes search Krista Umgelter)

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As powerful and magical the written word, it is also equally limiting. Below is a sort of mission statement of my thoughts, ideas and beliefs about this blog. I feel it is important for people to understand these foundational principles from which I think and function. In a nutshell my driving force is to put people back in the driver’s seat of their own life vehicle. Most everyone I meet has been stripped of that birthright. Each person knows the truth and answers inside. It is worth getting back the core and essence of that inner knowing and strength.

♥ Everything is just information. Not good, bad, right or wrong. It is just information. What I choose to do with the information is what is important. What you choose to do with information is what is important.

♥ Each person lives in their body 24/7. People know their person like no one else. This makes each person an expert about themselves. A person may have problems, but they also have the solutions. A limitation cannot exist without its equal opposite – they create one another and are equal to one another in intensity.

♥ Each person and each situation are entirely unique. There is no one way or one size fits all. What is right for one person will not be what is right for another.

♥ Finding insight is just a question of using the right tools.

♥ The “wrong” question can lead to the right insight. Everything is just information. A same piece of information may be miraculous for one, but disastrous for another.

♥ Our heart’s fears, needs, desires and vested interests prevent us from seeing the big picture. Our mind’s beliefs, attitudes, learned “truths” and our experiences shade us from seeing what lies outside of that. Widening the lens and listening deeper provides insight beyond anything we could ever imagine.

♥ Options and choices available for any given situation are far more vast than we are usually able to see. Especially when we feel “stuck”.

♥ Best outcomes come when a person is honest with themselves and is willing to see the truth.

While I have no answers for anyone, I do have unique ways of seeing, understanding and approaching life, health, body, mind, heart and spirit. The desire for this blog is to share what I have come to understand over many years. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I haven’t arrived at the land of OZ yet – in other words I am still learning and my own learning curve is just as high as yours. I hope to offer you the catalysts and momentum to find your way more comfortably with a greater sense of optimism and peacefulness. I believe it is possible to have positive outcomes, regardless of what that outcome may be.

I invite you to read a little or a lot. Share with others or keep this as your secret space. Use what insight draws you. Apply only what feels right. I ask only one thing. My one request is to welcome everything I share, especially when information I share touches you in a way that feels uncomfortable. Use that discomfort to provide more personal awareness to see more clearly who you are and how you function. Allow what I offer to simmer and ripen naturally, without prejudice. A piece of information may not be right for you at this time, but it may just be the solution at a future time or for a loved one.

Writing and sharing what I know on a world wide platform for anyone to read is a bit daunting. My life is quiet because that type of lifestyle works for me and brings me a lot of peace. Given the choice to be behind the scenes or center stage, I would choose backstage instantly. That is where I am most comfortable. However, I realize change and sharing what I know with others requires that I do things a bit differently and move beyond the boundaries of what makes me feel most comfortable. So, here I am.

When someone shows me a new door (one I have never seen before), I look at it with curiosity. I may never need, want or move through that door, but I allow it to remain in my understanding. I don’t need to discard anything because it ruffles my feathers. A doorway may be perfect for me now, in the future or maybe never. Maybe I will share and show that doorway to someone else. And it could very well be their miracle.

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Very Important: I will make suggestions for books, products or companies. These are based on what I know, use and believe in. Each person is different. What is right for me is not for right for everyone else. My suggestions are baseline starting points. Check and verify what is the perfect fit for you based on what you know about your body. You are the expert of your body and you know more about it than anyone else. In your own research you may very well find something far more suitable and appropriate. I have no financial interest nor kickbacks in anything I suggest. 


As with all information shared relating to mental, emotional and/or physical health it is the responsibility of the reader to consult with medical professionals for all existing conditions and concerns.
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